• PJ Legal: the specialist commodities law firm

    Providing expert legal advice to the commodities sector. With offices in London, Portsmouth and in Singapore, clients have 24 hour access to our services.

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The one-stop boutique  commodities law firm

PJ Legal was founded by Paul Johnson in 2017 and has steadily grown to become the go to boutique firm for the provision of expert legal advice in the commodities sector.

We represent commodity trading companies, commodity funds and banks in London, Geneva, Russia and the Asia Pacific.

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Commodity Trading Experts

  • Commodity Trading

    More so than ever, commodities trading companies to need be dynamic and able to adapt quickly in order to build and maintain their competitive advantage in the market. The continuing volatility of the commodities markets is both an important commercial opportunity but also a risk.

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  • Commodity Finance

    PJ Legal lawyers have worked at some of the largest commodity finance banks and have spearheaded many of the structures which are now employed as standard. We are thought leaders in this area of law and are able to employ structures for our clients which maximise trading opportunities.

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  • Shipping

    Commodity trading transactions and the shipping industry have an unbreakable nexus. To successfully navigate though this complex and ancient area of law it is necessary to have the very best law firm on your side. Our lawyers understand the challenges and risks inherent in the shipping industry, and also how commodities transactions and disputes play out.

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  • Commodity & Derivatives Regulatory

    The size and scope of the regulatory burden applicable to the energy and commodities sector continues to grow year-by-year. In addition, states and global institutions continue to use sanctions as a foreign policy tool adding an additional layer of burden and diligence that companies like you must comply with. 

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  • Disputes & Arbitration

    Our extensive experience in relation to commodity and shipping disputes is invaluable in a genuine dispute context, where it assists considerably with foresight of the likely scenarios which may unfold, and persuasiveness with counterparties towards the resolution of crises, particularly in time critical situations (cargo loading etc). Our lawyers are long experienced in protecting a client’s position and/or in how to crystallise a dispute in a manner which is most favourable to a client’s best interests.

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A fresh approach to legal services delivery reflecting the needs of modern business

  • A Client First Approach

    Given the extensive in-house experience of our lawyers, we have a unique understanding of what client need. We form strong professional relationships so that we are able to anticipate what is coming next and how we can provide the very best support.

  • Round-the-Clock Access

    With offices in London, Portsmouth and Singapore we are able to offer round the clock legal support covering multiple timezones. This gives the firm enormous reach and the ability to undertake complex drafting and document turns in very short periods of time.

  • Forward Thinking

    We are implementing #legaltech solutions across all aspects of our practice to help us deliver first rate legal services to our clients and simultaneously reduce risk, lower costs and increase the speed of delivery of our work.